Adolescent Therapy


Therapy Is Helpful for Teens

Middle school and high school teenage years can be some of the most emotionally turbulent times in one’s life. The laid back days of childhood suddenly transform into packed days and busy nights as teens try to balance school, family, friends, sports and even work, all while trying to figure exactly who they are and where they fit into this world. This is a time where negative self-talk can have a terrible toll on one’s self-esteem and self-worth. There are many worries that come with each part of your life as a teen — How do I fit in better? Are mom and dad proud of me? How can I get to college? — so it’s no wonder that these moving parts can become overwhelming, scary and too much to handle on your own.

ELEOS Psychology Center of the Twin Cities is here to help you through your toughest times. We understand how you feel, and we know how to help you feel better. We strive to form a compassionate relationship with you from the moment we meet you. You may be feeling worried, withdrawn from your friends, a lack of motivation, poor self-esteem, agitated for no reason at all, or angry because something traumatic happened. You may not know what to do to feel better or you might turn to unhealthy activities to cope. We are here to let you know that help is available—and happiness can be felt again. At ELEOS, you will never be judged, your confidentiality will never be compromised, and you will always be met with empathy and compassion.

Know You Are Not the Only One with Anxiety and Depression

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one out of 20 American teenagers experience depression and anxiety affects every one out of four. What’s more, depression and anxiety often go hand in hand. So while it may seem like other teens or even teachers and adults aren’t talking much about mental health, many people need help sorting through their thoughts or coping with difficult situations. Therapy is often the best way for you to get through stress from school, work, relationships, the loss of a loved one, overwhelming changes in your home life, and traumatic events. Therapy can also be your safe space to talk about anything and everything that is upsetting you. Even if you don’t feel anxious or depressed often, talking with us now can help you maintain your happiness for the long run.

ELEOS provides a judgment-free space for everyone to express their thoughts and emotions openly. After all, “eleos” means “compassion for someone in need.” In Greek mythology, Eleos was the goddess of compassion. When people were suffering they would go to her to relieve their distress. Just as a physician would help heal your broken leg, the therapists at ELEOS can help heal your anxiety, depression or overwhelming thoughts. Getting your mental health on a healthy and happy path is always our priority, but what exactly does that mean?

Mental health is our emotional, psychological and social well-being. When your mental health is thriving, you can be motivated, you aren’t frustrated or agitated easily, you have good social relationships and you can easily cope with day-to-day stress. When these things become harder to do, however, it’s time to take a good look at the state of your mental health. When something isn’t quite right and it’s making you feel worried, depressed, lonely or agitated, it’s a good idea to seek the help of a therapist.

ELEOS Can Help Those in Minneapolis

No matter where you live in the Twin Cities, ELEOS is conveniently located in St. Louis Park—a short drive wherever you may be coming from. We incorporate a variety of therapy in our clinic in order to meet the needs of all types of clients. No matter what issues you may be facing, the therapists at ELEOS can identify the root of them and will use evidence-based therapy to help you on your way to joy, compassion and empathy for yourself and others.

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The Basics of Therapy at ELEOS:

The therapists at ELEOS are passionate about helping change lives for the better. We believe in developing compassionate and trustworthy relationships and building strong foundations of trust. You’re in a safe space that’s completely judgment-free from the moment you walk through our doors. We believe in helping you learn, understand and cope with thoughts and emotions many other therapists might overlook. At ELEOS, our therapy basics will help you:

  • develop a vocabulary to articulate your emotional experience: Putting language to emotional experiences assists in processing the emotion, which provides some relief.
  • understand and become more aware of how your body physically experiences emotions.
  • learn strategies to calm the physical distress in your body, which eases the emotional distress.
  • learn coping strategies to reduce emotional distress in the moment and build distress tolerance.
  • gain awareness of your negative core beliefs and automatic negative thoughts that generate distressing emotions about yourself, others and the world around you.
  • understand how past experiences have shaped your negative beliefs.
  • understand that your beliefs do not need to continue to be rooted in past experiences.
  • develop your own value system, which guides the development of new core beliefs and behaviors.
  • uncover your capacity and strength.
  • practice perceiving the world through hope and possibility for the future.
  • develop a voice of compassion through which to think and speak about yourself, others and the world around you.
  • engage in a relationship with yourself and others in a way that brings more joy.

ELEOS stands by true compassion and understanding of what you’re going through. We encourage you to live authentically and vulnerably, and we’ll always empathize with the struggles you’re facing. Every moment becomes more manageable when you learn to view yourself with compassion, and we believe we will help you do just that. Through the skills you’ll learn and the trust we’ll build together, you can start living each day with more compassion than the last.

Before we get started with any treatment, though, we take the time to get to know you. After learning about your personal goals, we’ll tailor our therapy for you and start incorporating evidence-based treatment into our sessions. Our goal is your joy, so let’s help you get there today.

Benefits of Adolescent Teen Therapy

We understand how tough adolescence can be. From academic concerns to the stress of being perfect or well-liked, the teen years can be more than overwhelming. You might feel like you’re losing control, but we can help you feel in control and at peace again. Adolescent therapy will help you:

  •   feel happier and less stressed out
  •   become more confident and courageous in life
  •   feel more comfortable with who you are
  •   structure a more balanced schedule
  •   feel more connected and less lonely
  •   develop meaningful and healthy relationships
  •   understand romance
  •   get along better with family
  •   work through and cope with trauma
  •   make healthy choices

All of these benefits can lead to a better state of mental health now as well as provide you with the skills needed to maintain good mental health in the future. You can feel better with ELEOS.

Let’s Chat Today

ELEOS Psychology Center is open from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M., Monday through Friday. Our late hours are meant to work with your schedule so you can get the help you need when it’s most convenient for you. Whether you or your family needs help communicating empathically and effectively, ELEOS Psychology Center is here for you.

We’re helping adolescents in St. Louis Park, Minneapolis, Edina, Hopkins, Golden Valley, Minnetonka and Wayzata find their joy. Let us help you find yours, too.