Adult Therapy

Compassionate Therapy for Adults

Adulthood can be difficult to navigate. No matter where you are in life, ELEOS Psychology Center can help you with what you’re facing. Adults face emotional distress, difficult transitions, unexpected events, unsatisfying careers, relationship struggles and identity concerns. Being an adult doesn’t mean you always know what to do in tough times. Whether you’re wondering what to do next or are experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety, coming to ELEOS Psychology Center will help you on your way to experiencing wonderment, joy and satisfaction. When you’re stuck in life, depressed, anxious, or angry, it can also affect those you work with or those around you whom you love.

ELEOS Psychology Center offers comprehensive therapy for adults across the Twin Cities. Our therapists will help you feel compassion for yourself and others while teaching you the therapeutic skills you need to move beyond anxiety, depression, stress or whatever else life has thrown your way. Therapy is a way for you to begin processing what you’ve been experiencing, discover how past experiences affect you today, and learn new coping strategies. By learning about the connection between your environment, thoughts, emotions and behaviors, you can start building a healthy and happy lifestyle.

ELEOS Psychology Center Can Help You in Adulthood

It’s never too late to seek therapy. Anyone in any stage of life can benefit from the insight and skills developed in therapy—including adults. Although you may have a family, house, pets, career or more, you may still be uncertain about the answers to some of life’s questions. The older you get, the more responsibility you inevitably take on. Sometimes the stress from all of the responsibility can become too much to bear on your own, causing depression or anxiety, which is the most common mental illness in the U.S. Other times, you may still feel the repercussions of events that happened in your past, which may cause anger, shame and negative self-talk.

At ELEOS, we have built the necessary safe space where we can talk about whatever is weighing on your shoulders. No topic is taboo. No matter what you’re experiencing, our therapists can help you through it with the utmost compassion and empathy. Some of what we can help with includes:

Emotional Distress

Emotional distress can be a result of many of life’s stressful moments. It can include feeling overwhelmed, sad, lonely, afraid, worried, irritable and angry. Oftentimes, emotional distress may be accompanied by sleep difficulties, loss of pleasure and interest, and even difficulty maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Recognizing when you are experiencing emotional distress is important.

If you are feeling apathetic, having a hard time staying organized and “on top of things,” feeling more emotional, or feeling on edge, you could be experiencing emotional distress. Physical symptoms of distress may show up as neck pain, chronic back pain, palpitations, muscle tension, stomach aches or tension headaches.

We would like to help you feel less distressed, rediscover your courage and confidence, and find ways to regulate your emotions and increase your resilience.

Life Transitions

Just as in any time of life, adulthood can be full of life transitions. These transitions can happen in your career, education and relationships. It’s common for adults to be moving between careers, homes, community groups or even friends. Both big and small changes can seem abrupt and overwhelming.


Having a strong identity means having a strong sense of self. When you’re feeling a lack of self-worth or are struggling with your confidence, you could feel anxious or depressed. You may feel like you’ve lost your self-esteem, courage and a sense of who you were meant to be. Negative self-talk can be exhausting. It is debilitating and can create insecurity and low self-esteem. It is easy to get swept up in the feeling of inadequacy.

We would like to help you feel more comfortable with who you are. We can help you discern healthy choices based on your needs and values. We will help you become more assertive and develop boundaries that are guided by self-care. We want to help you gain the courage and confidence to be who you have always known you were meant to be.

Unexpected Events

Unexpected events are sometimes the most traumatic—you can be left feeling dazed and confused. They can take you by surprise and make it feel as if the rug has been pulled out from under you. Whether abuse, the end of a relationship, a career change or a death, these events can lead to distress.

We will help you believe in your capacity to get through difficult transitions and develop a tolerance for the changes, surprises and traumas you are experiencing. We will help you gain strength to cope with it all.


Relationships take a lot of work whether they’re between you and a spouse, child, parent, friend or loved one. Marriages, families and friendships can become tense with conflict and the turmoil can be unsettling. Each relationship functions differently than the next and repairing the ruptures in relationships can be quite difficult. Love and sexual desire can be absent, terrifying or confusing.

You can feel more connected and less lonely. We will assist you in creating and maintaining meaningful and healthy relationships while developing an understanding of their evolution.

How ELEOS Psychology Center Helps Adults Every Day

With ELEOS, underlying problems causing current emotional difficulties are identified. We work with you to recognize the root of a problem, and through a strong relationship, compassion and evidence-based therapy, you will start to be able to move beyond it. Our goal is getting you to a healthy life and mind by helping you develop insight, teaching you coping skills and helping you develop compassion for yourself and others.

You’ll develop insight that will help you understand how your thoughts interact with your emotions and behaviors. You’ll be guided through developing new helpful and positive thoughts to have more courage, calm and compassion. We can have our sessions in our comfortable offices, on a walk or even over a cup of coffee. Having a trusted therapist offer compassion, understanding and unconditional positive regard will help you toward showing yourself that same compassion, understanding and positive self-talk—which will ultimately lead to a happier you.

ELEOS will help you develop greater insight to who you are and the difficulties you’re facing. Through each session, you’ll be able to understand past experiences or unexpected events and place them in context so they stop lingering in your daily thoughts and emotions. We’ll help you discover your true strength and capacity, and we’ll help you develop the voice of compassion for yourself and others that you’ve been missing. Our use of evidence-based therapies will get you closer to joy with each session we have together.

By developing awareness of your emotions and the affect they have on your body and learning coping strategies, ELEOS can work with you toward better navigating adulthood. Your relationships with friends, family and co-workers will improve. You’ll be able to better focus on work and you’ll feel a zest for life once again. Living with compassion for yourself and moving beyond negative beliefs that are rooted in past experiences are important for everyone, especially for adults when life can be hectic, if you’ve lost your sense of self, or experienced unexpected events. You could be facing the burden of too many responsibilities and might not be sure where to go next in life. If this is happening to you, ELEOS is ready to help.

Let Us Help You Navigate Adulthood

You don’t have to face your struggles alone. Getting support could be exactly what you need to get onto a path toward happiness. Call us today for the help you need with anxiety, depression, emotional distress, identity, relationships, life transitions or whatever is holding you back from discovering your true strength, courage and compassion. You don’t have to do this alone. ELEOS Psychology Center offers effective and comprehensive adult therapy for those living in Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Louis Park or anywhere around the Twin Cities. What are you waiting for? Help is here at ELEOS Psychology Center.