Child Therapy

As a parent, one of your biggest priorities is the happiness and health of your child. Ensuring their well-being is a constant goal, but sometimes it isn’t always easy. There are times when the happiness of your child is simply out of your hands. They could be experiencing poor self-esteem, emotional and behavior dysregulation or low confidence. They may be enduring the pains of anxiety, depression or irritability. As much as you want to be able to say the magic words to make your kid happy and healthy again, it simply isn’t that easy.

Developing social skills, self-esteem, emotional regulation skills and other critical emotional stepping-stones takes time—and experience. No matter the age of your child, help is waiting. The therapists at ELEOS Psychology Center are experienced and compassionate people who want what you want; the long-term happiness and health of your child. With a special knack for helping children work through their toughest thoughts and problems, we can help your child feel better.

If you’re searching for a child therapist in Edina or the Twin Cities area, ELEOS is here for you. With tailored plans that take into consideration developmental levels and incorporate fun with therapy to better engage your child, there’s no better option for helping the ones you love most.

How ELEOS Can Help Your Child

Just as every child learns differently, every child responds better to different types of therapy. Some are more reserved while others are very outgoing. The key to successful child therapy lies in getting to know your child, establishing a trusting relationship and understanding what will help them best. Because of the variety of ways in which children interact with therapy, ELEOS is prepared with a wide array of techniques.

All of our techniques are designed to help your child feel comfortable and safe while teaching them therapeutic concepts in a way they best understand them. A therapy session for your child could take shape as drawing a picture, playing a game, playing with toys or doing whatever else they enjoy. Speaking with your child in a way they feel most comfortable enables them to feel less inhibited and more comfortable.

Play therapy is proven to help children learn crucial social skills, communication skills and self-regulation. By understanding the interaction and various scenarios happening between toys, or during a game, children can learn all sorts of skills; self-soothing, empathy, understanding and compassion are just a few your child will walk away with over time.

Our therapists know how to break down therapeutic concepts into bite-size pieces so your child can understand and learn how to work through various exercises. They also know how to best explain them to you, the parent, so that exercises can be done at home and good habits can be formed. After all, working toward your child’s happiness doesn’t stop outside our office!

No matter what your child may be struggling with, whether it’s regulating themselves, putting emotions into words, or developing relationships with others, our therapists are ready to help. Even if your child doesn’t have pressing problems or problematic issues, coming to therapy is a no-brainer for fine-tuning coping skills, social skills and mood. It never hurts for your child to have an objective person they know and trust to express themselves.

The Best Therapy for Children and Families

As good as our child therapists are at helping your young child, they’re also great with teens. Adolescent therapy is common and beneficial. As your child grows and matures, their teen years can be difficult. They may start feeling peer pressure, social pressure, academic pressure—and when too much stress and pressure gets compounded, repercussions can wreak havoc on self-esteem and well-being.

For teens throughout Edina, our adolescent therapy sessions can help them through tough times. We can help them away from negative self-talk or harmful relationships. Problems in school, with friends and within families can spread through every facet of a teen’s life, so getting to the root of problems and resolving them will have benefits that stretch far and wide.

Just like with children, teens will always be shown empathy as they’re guided through developing a voice of compassion for themselves, gaining awareness of their negative thinking and learning coping strategies for tough situations. Our experienced teen therapists know how to help, even if the teens we see just want to get something off their chest.

When issues stretch into the rest of the family, ELEOS is always welcoming of family therapy sessions. Finding harmony and respect for everyone within a family is important to happiness for the long haul. Problems and frustrations become bigger than they need to be when family members don’t talk with or listen to one another. In our family therapy sessions, everyone will learn how to communicate effectively and listen actively—it’s a space and time where everyone has voice and opinion that is respected.

By practicing effective communication in and out of our sessions, families can expect to feel more comfortable with one another, understand each other better, and feel a newfound respect and connectedness with each member. It’s a time when healthy relationships are made, which will help your family run smoothly no matter what comes your way.

Learn Skills for Life at ELEOS

Even if you don’t see red flags indicating mental illness or traumatic behavior in your child, teen or family, checking in with a therapist is a great way to practice the skills you’ll need for life. Learning how to better communicate, show compassion for yourself and cope with traumatic events will help you persevere through even the hardest spots of life. Instead of being caught off-guard when troubling times bubble up, arm yourself and your family with the skills needed to care for yourself and those around you instead of succumbing to negativity or mental illness.

ELEOS Psychology Center is conveniently located in St. Louis Park so that every family in Edina has access to the best child, adolescent and family therapy in the Twin Cities. Through the bad times and the good, our team of therapists is here to help you get back to happy. For questions or to schedule an appointment, call or message us any time.