Elizabeth Wagner, PsyD, LP


Dr. Wagner is a licensed clinical psychologist providing individual and family therapy to children, adolescents and adults.  Through a relational and compassionate approach, Dr. Wagner incorporates play therapy when appropriate, a family systems perspective, and evidence-based treatments such as:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
  • Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT)
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

Ages Dr. Wagner treats:

  • Preschool age children (2-5 years old)
  • School age children (6-10 years old)
  • Preteens (11-12 years old)
  • Teenagers (13-17 years old)
  • Young adults (18- 25 years old)
  • Adults (26-64 years old)

Dr. Wagner has been specializing in child, adolescent, and family psychology for over twenty years. She earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary, Graduate School of Psychology, located in Pasadena, California. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Minnesota, Medical School, Department of Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Division.



“When I met Elizabeth 10 years ago, I knew she had a gift working with children. We would hang out and she would use the tools that she learned as a psychologist in different situations that I faced as a parent… Just sitting with her and seeing how she interacted with my children and got them to talk about what was on their little minds inspired me to implement the same tools throughout the years. I am not a perfect mother; no one is, but I feel this gift that she has given me to not just be with my children, but know my children, has helped my family form very strong real relationships for all these years!

She is a truly gifted psychologist for families and children! And although I didn’t always want to hear the ways I could improve (in THE most loving way) because of my own insecurity, in the long run, it’s paid great rewards! I highly recommend her for any situation you or your child may be going through together. When someone has a strength and a specialty in an area, it is imperative that we are honest with ourselves and seek the guidance and tools that they offer for that situation!

She is patient and kind and has a special gift to draw children out of themselves and become confident. Sometimes as parents we don’t want to hear that things could change a little bit because we are insecure, but her heart is to see families functioning in a way that is life-giving and healthy.

If you want to see your child come alive again with that healthy twinkle in their eye and have a relationship that is respectful and loving, but you need a little help, Dr. Elizabeth Wagner is the best of the best.”

-Kate Maurer (2016)



“My therapy dog Boudie and I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Wagner for three years helping children with dog phobia to be comfortable around dogs. During this time I have seen the passion Dr. Wagner has for her work and the compassion she has for both the children she works with and their parents. Dr. Wagner provides a casual yet professional setting that puts everyone at ease during the visits and a comfortable setting for learning. The children we have worked with over time have become comfortable being around Boudie and have also petted him and walked with him on a leash. I have enjoyed working with Dr. Wagner and her clients. Seeing the smiles of accomplishments on everyone’s face when we are done is the best reward of all.”

-Wayne Halverson & Boudie (2016)


Wayne and Boudie being honored as 2015  Companion Animal of the year